Frequently Asked Questions

At Bailfish Services LLC we are proud to deliver an outstanding, individualized property restoration to our clients and businesses. We believe in transparency, so we thought we would collect some of the most commonly asked questions!

Most homeowner's insurance policies cover fire damage restoration. However, coverage can vary depending on the policy and the specifics of the incident. Review your insurance policy and contact your insurance provider for detailed information.

It is essential to wait for approval from the fire department or other authorities before entering a property after a fire. They will assess the structural integrity and safety hazards to ensure it is safe for occupancy.

Depending on the extent of the fire damage, some belongings may be salvageable. Professional fire restoration services can assess and provide guidance on what can be restored through specialized cleaning and restoration techniques.

Yes, professional fire restoration companies employ specialized deodorization techniques to eliminate smoke odors. These techniques include ozone treatments, thermal fogging, and air purification systems to neutralize odors effectively.

Yes, fire restoration often includes water damage restoration. Water used to extinguish the fire can cause additional damage, such as mold growth and structural issues. Bailfish Services LLC will address both fire and water damage during the restoration process.

This is by far the most common question we hear! A lot of people do not know that it is your choice which restoration company you use for the repairs.

We cannot tell you whether to file a claim or not, it is important that you talk to your insurance company first. So you have a complete understanting of your policy and how it will affect your premiums.


Here are some signs of hidden house flood water/damage:

  • Peeling Paint/Wallpaper
  • Visible Mold
  • Moisture/Condensation
  • Bad Odors/Smell

We very strongly advise you to avoid re-entering your property and/or business after a fire.

Mold can cause various health issues, including allergies, respiratory problems, and irritation. It can also damage building materials, compromise indoor air quality, and spread rapidly if not addressed promptly.

Small areas of mold can be safely removed by homeowners using proper protective gear and appropriate cleaning methods. However, for extensive mold growth or hidden mold, it's best to hire professionals with experience in mold remediation.

Mold remediation involves several steps, including assessing the extent of the mold growth, containing the affected area, removing mold-infested materials, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and implementing preventive measures to minimize future mold growth.

No, mold can grow in hidden or inaccessible areas such as behind walls, under carpets, or inside ventilation systems. Our professionals use specialized tools and techniques to detect and address hidden mold.

If the underlying moisture issue is not resolved, mold can return. Our professional mold remediation services include identifying and addressing the source of moisture to prevent future mold growth.

Storm damage restoration can address various types of damage, including roof damage, water damage, structural damage, electrical damage, and damage to windows, doors, and other property components.

After a storm, it's important to prioritize safety and contact your insurance company. Avoid entering the property until it has been deemed safe by professionals. Promptly reach out to a storm damage restoration company like Bailfish Services LLC to assess the damage and start the restoration process.

Yes, our team the necessary equipment and expertise to extract water, dry the affected areas, and mitigate water damage. They use specialized techniques to prevent mold growth and restore proper moisture levels.

Yes, our team can assist with debris cleanup. We have the necessary equipment and resources to remove fallen trees, branches, debris, and other storm-related materials from your property.

If you notice signs of structural damage, such as cracks, sagging, or instability, it's important to evacuate the property and contact a professional storm damage restoration company like Bailfish Services LLC immediately. They can assess the extent of the damage and take appropriate measures to secure the structure.

Common causes include burst pipes, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, appliance malfunctions, sewage backups, and natural disasters like floods or storms.

Taking immediate action is crucial because stagnant water can quickly lead to mold growth, structural damage, and other potential health hazards. Prompt restoration can minimize the extent of the damage and prevent further complications.

Homeowner's insurance policies typically cover water damage caused by sudden and accidental incidents, such as burst pipes. However, coverage may vary, so it's important to review your policy and consult with your insurance provider.

Bailfish Services LLC uses specialized equipment such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and hygrometers to assess the moisture levels in different materials and determine the extent of the damage.

Yes, prolonged exposure to water can weaken structural components such as beams, walls, and foundations. Prompt restoration is crucial to prevent further deterioration and ensure the safety of the property.

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